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Wilmslow (Small Animal) 01625 524422
Congleton (Small Animal) 01260 273222
Macclesfield (Small Animal) 01625 501500
Whaley Bridge (Farm) 01663 732564
Holly Tree (Farm) 01477 571000
Somerford Park Clinic (Equine) 01260 280800


Providing the highest standards of care for horses, ponies and donkeys

On Farm Service

Our on-farm service covers a large area of Cheshire from Congleton/ Sandbach in the South, Altrincham to the West, Buxton to the East, and up as far as Glossop in the North. We offer a free visit day across these areas for routine work including dentals. View our Zone Days.


In an emergency, please contact the office number on 01260 280800, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Be prepared to give basic details – account holder, contact details, address of horse, and brief summary of what is happening with your horse.  We will then arrange for a vet to come out to you ASAP, and confirm an ETA. The assigned vet will be available on the telephone for you until they get to you.

There will be an additional charge for out of hours visits.

On Farm and Somerford Park Clinic services:

We accept that not everyone is in a position to bring their horse in to the clinic. We do feel that for many problems, work in the clinic environment will produce the best quality results for you and your horse. However, many procedures and tests can be performed safely and effectively at your yard. We are happy to discuss this with you on a case by case basis.

This includes:

  • Lameness investigations and treatment
  • Reproduction
  • Endoscopies
  • Castrations (age/size and complexity dependent)

Find out more about our Somerford Park Clinic Services

  • Routine appointments
  • Free Zone Visits
  • Dental Clinics
  • Vaccination/ Dental Reminders
  • Telephone Advice

Routine appointments

To make an appointment please contact the office on 01260 280800, between 8:00am and 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. We will check and confirm the following details:

  • contact number
  • address for your horse, and any specific directions
  • preferred vet (if appropriate)
  • brief summary of reason for appointment
  • date and time of appointment

Please be aware that at times things may occur that are beyond our control, for example emergencies, that may necessitate a change in appointment time/ vet. Our office staff will endeavour to keep you updated at all times, but do please bear with us.

Free Zone Visits

Free Zone Visit

Our free visit zones, where you do not pay a visit fee, include things like vaccinations, blood tests, medication checks, passport sketches, microchips. The way this works, is:

  • you book a zone appointment, at the very latest before 12:00pm the day before the zone (the earlier you book the better)
  • we call you the day before to confirm a one-hour time slot
  • you ensure someone is available during that hour to hold your horse
  • you pay for the consultation/ medication provided either before or at the appointment

We also have dental zones in all areas, where the same arrangements apply. A £20 deposit is required to secure an appointment.   

Book early as the zones do get full well in advance!

View our Zone Map

Dental Clinics

We can run regular dental days on client's yards. We do yard dental visits where clients with 4 or more horses do not pay a visit charge. This can be arranged by contacting the Somerford Farm Clinic.


Vaccination/ Dental Reminders

You can choose to be sent reminders by us when your horse’s vaccinations/ routine dental are due.  These are sent well in advance of the due date to give you plenty of opportunity to book on the zone.

Please be aware that it is your responsibility to ensure you book your vaccinations in in time, the reminders are just to help.

Telephone Advice

If you would like some advice from a vet over the telephone regarding your horse or pony, please contact the office, and we will arrange for a vet to give you a call as soon as practical.