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Ultrasound uses sound waves of various frequencies to pass through tissues and then when they bounce back, they give us a picture of the organ in real time, together with movement, this becomes incredibly useful if we are looking at the heart where we can look at the movement of the muscle, and with specialist equipment, the direction of blood flow.

Ultrasound has revolutionised the diagnosis of heart problems because we get to see real time movement and be able to watch it over and over - and even slow it down! 

For cats and dogs with heart problems we also have the services of Mike Holgate, a local Veterinary Cardiologist who is able to visit Macclesfield to see patients and  complete full examinations whern needed.

Commonly we will also use ultrasound to examine the organs in the abdomen such as the liver. Here can look at the density of the tissue, something that changes a lot with many medical conditions. Cancerous lumps within an organ change its appearance allowing us to identify cancer in organs, and to identify it when it spreads from elsewhere.

Similarly, we can look at the shape and size of the kidneys, the intestines, the bladder and it can also be used elsewhere on muscle, eyes, tendons, in fact we are learning more and expanding the use of ultrasound all the time.

A common use in humans and in animals is to use it to confirm pregnancy.

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