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New kitten

We have a book full of useful information for you when your kitten comes to see us for their first injection, and even if they have already had their vaccinations, we will see them for a complimentary checkover and hopefully answer some of your questions.


We give 2 injections, 2.5 to 3 weeks apart from 9 weeks of age. They are considered protected from two weeks after the second injection. However, it does depend upon where you live, and how you think your cat will cope with its local environment and neighbouring felines!


We recommend worming monthly to six months of age. Kittens will get worms from their mother, and then the litter will circulate worms before your kitten comes to live with you. After 6 months, it comes down to choice of product and lifestyle that determines our recommendation. Our commonly chosen product Advocate is a monthly spot-on which will cover worming and fleas, and we will often seek to use a wormer that does another form of worm known as a tapeworm. Cats will get these from fleas and from catching wildlife.  


This may be done as soon as you wish. In the long term, it ensures that you may be reunited if they manage to get themselves lost. If you plan on keeping your kitten in until they are neutered, then this can be done whilst they are fast asleep for their neutering operation.


This is considered from 6 months of age, however we are supporting Cats Protection by offering early neutering for kittens younger than 6 months old; give us a call for more details.


Try and avoid switching diets too frequently and bowing to pressure of your pet getting picky. Stick to a kitten food that is balanced and specific for a growing kitten.

Wright & Morten’s Pet Health Club    

If you would like to have all that is required for your kitten’s first year of life, budget for it over 12 months, and save 10%, then the Pet Health Club might be just what you’re looking for. See our Wright & Morten Pet Health Club pages for more details.

Lastly, have lots of fun and feel free to call us for advice when you need to.

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