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Wednesday, 23 May 2018 13:55

Equine Stomach Ulcer Awareness Campaign


We will be running two Gastroscopy clinics at our Somerford Park Equine Clinic on July 3rd and July 17th.  At both clinics, we will be offering Gastroscopic examinations for the reduced price of £250 including VAT and sedation.  Plus you get a free week's treatment if your horse is found to have ulcers.....


Upcoming gastroscopy clinic!

·      Does your horse have unexplained weight loss or struggle maintaining weight? 

·      Is he or she unhappy about being tacked up (especially girthing) or having belly straps done up on their rug? 

·      Is their coat a bit dull? 

·      Are they showing abnormal behavioural issues when being ridden e.g. lots of tail swishing, crabbing, bucking/napping? 


Have you thought about the possibility that they may have gastric ulcers?

In July we are running a gastroscopy clinic which includes one week of free treatment for any horse diagnosed with ulcers. We are aiming that the timing of this clinic will help horses be picked up during times of increased work load and athletic function so that we can optimise their health care and comfort. This in turn helps obtain better results from a pleasure riding and competitive riding perspective. 

What is gastroscopy?

Gastroscopy is the diagnostic test that involves passing a flexible camera down the horse’s oesophagus via their nose and into the stomach.  This allows us to see the inside of the horse’s stomach and look for any signs of ulcers.  

ü  Horses are sedated to reduce anxiety and stress and ease camera passage

ü  Takes around 15 – 20 minutes

ü  Not painful 



        This is a view inside a horse's stomach                       The far end of the stomach, called the pylorus


What are the advantages of gastroscopy?

Gastroscopy is the only diagnostic test available that is definitive for equine gastric ulcers.  


ü Reliable and straightforward test

ü Distinguish between squamous and glandular ulcers


It is important to identify the location of the ulcers as the 

recommended management and treatment is dependent 

on the location and severity.  


Take advantage of our gastroscopy clinic offer!


To book your horse in today please phone us on 08458 330034.